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Machinery for Maj Lisbet escort wrote:
You need a hobby. see the review
Eikon for Edilona escort wrote:
I’m not getting what’s the purpose to label people as having ‘broken’ instinct and related. An instinct is an instinct- it DOES make sense, if you manage to pinpoint what is it telling you. It is a ‘safety’ feature that has evolved in humans and all other species, let’s not underestimate that... see the review
Ellorin for Ajibike escort wrote:
Forget about being ‘damaged’ - that’s modern BS. Just trust your gut and use your brain to pinpoint what the gut is telling you. see the review
Chuckle for Yassi escort wrote:
No, I thought I said so in my first post. see the review
Unblock for Xiaoguo escort wrote:
Thank you for your reply! I talked to him about it and it's okay now. Not 100% reassured but hey... see the review
Ravin for Oleif escort wrote:
And it bothered me a bit. I don't need to explain why I post things when it bothers me for days. see the review
Baffed for Biirit escort wrote:
I thought you said it didn't bother you. I'm confused. see the review
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