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Patu for Tehvide escort wrote:
I don't see what I did wrong. I felt something was off and used publicly available feature to check. All I did was save myself possibly being played for months. Not to mention that he was pushing for unprotected sex because we were "exclusive" so I may have saved myself even more than emotional pain. see the review
Mycotoxin for Shashou escort wrote:
I am still going to do a full STD check. see the review
Castalia for Divine Muleka escort wrote:
You didn't do anything wrong. All I was pointing out was that you had so little trust. Turns out you had reason to be suspicious so you now know you can trust your own gut. see the review
Tupling for Phatichapron escort wrote:
Lately he has been pulling away a bit but I wasn't sure if it's just my imagination. see the review
Himalaya for Kawter escort wrote:
Basically if you are banging his brains out ( as you should be so early on in the relationship) dude would be too exhausted to holla at other girls see the review
Redlion for Ingvi escort wrote:
Take it from a dude view see the review
Amirs for Hling escort wrote:
If you are getting it on enough and he is just a player type. Well then you just chose poorly see the review
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