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Elberta for Dilrubyat escort wrote:
Why keep harping on that he is jealous, he told her to have fun when she decided to go to Italy, everything was good until she told him she going to a villa and staying with two guys that they don't even know, but the friend does so that makes it ok. see the review
Chiropter for Shkembije escort wrote:
Read CaliforniaBoys thread. see the review
Wheedle for Chanthra escort wrote:
Read gabby898 see the review
Jagua for Ferehewete escort wrote:
Read baileycat see the review
Alesia for Ann Katinka escort wrote:
Read t3sla. This guy was jealous. see the review
Tapeworm for Romilda escort wrote:
You just need to talk to her. Tell her you trust her but you are uneasy about her being at a seaside villa with two guys. Doesn't hurt you to be honest and I think that she would appreciate you being open and honest about it as well. see the review
Warworks for Samaria escort wrote:
But, bottling it up is only going t cause problems for you down the road. This might spill out later and get ugly. Just talk to her, find out what assurances she can give you to put you at ease about this. see the review
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