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Shaddup for Tunyanee escort wrote:
Others have a different view, and standard of acceptance and rejection. see the review
Sixnine for Karet escort wrote:
But the longer you leave it, the worse he will take it, due to you hiding the fact, which compounds the problem. see the review
Shimal for Miresdotter escort wrote:
You see, the next worst thing, and which actually portrays a person, is their dishonesty. Then, their continued dishonesty (Goes for all you people out there !). see the review
Saucepan for Hadiyet escort wrote:
In a way, I do feel bad for you, but not in the way you think. see the review
Leguen for Galja escort wrote:
Crikeys, there's so many things I would like to let go and pound your ear with, but, it seems your at least, partially getting it. see the review
Mads for Penelope22 escort wrote:
Your still blaming other elements in your reasoning, when it just boils down to ONE word "Excited". That's what you were, and why you did what you did.. see the review
Vilvert for Anica Erotic escort wrote:
You love attention, yet, you give none to you BF. see the review
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