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Kmcleod for Heluda escort wrote:
You have the right to express an opinion. You have the right to walk away if you don't agree with what she's doing. But you do not have the right to make decisions on her freedom or otherwise control her. see the review
Mangel for Zuhaylo escort wrote:
I saw where you wrote that you were concerned that controlling her might push her away. Well, of course it will. see the review
Meg for Cuilian escort wrote:
At this point in time, I don't think you have what it takes to date a good looking woman. see the review
Urgency for Mukuaku escort wrote:
We don't control if another person respects us either. It only matters if she DECIDES to respect you. see the review
Mossback for Natashia escort wrote:
Going through all of these emotional contortions to try to manipulate her into doing what you want or to get her back is childish and a waste of time. see the review
Tachyon for Qinghui escort wrote:
Just watch what a person does, then decide if it is workable in your relationship. If not, move on. see the review
Axised for Rabeeh escort wrote:
You can't make a person be considerate, respectful, or faithful. Or anything else. That's not how life works. see the review
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